Chicago's Finest Baking Classes

All baking classes are limited to 6 students per session and held week nights from 6:00PM - 9:00PM. Choose either a Monday or Tuesday night class.

The Bread Basics classes are held the first, second, and third weeks of the month; The Croissant classes are held the fourth week of the month. Please call 773-944-0866 with a credit card number to reserve a spot in class. 

Each student will receive a packet of information containing recipes, techniques and a syllabus. Students will also receive a 10% discount on retail items redeemable during and right after the class session. Baked goods, cheeses and charcuterie are excluded from the discount.

Bread Basics - $75.00

Basic white dough
Whole wheat dough and variations
Sourdough starters
Mixing and shaping techniques
Flours and gluten

Croissant - $85.00

Dough mixing and butter preparation
Assembly of basic croissant dough
Laminating and shaping
Filling and baking tips

Guidelines for a Successful and Safe Experience

Try to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before class begins.

Keep in mind the kitchen gets quite warm with hot ovens nearby. We recommend you wear suitable clothing and strongly urge you to wear closed-toe shoes for comfort and safety. Please, no sandals.

Students will be provided iced drinks for the duration of the class. Part of class time will include making a snack to eat.

A credit card number is required to hold your reservation.  Rescheduling or cancelling your reservation requires a 48-hour notice.  Your card will be charged if you don't show up for class.